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    Amazon store review, from which dimensions can I start to check?

    How to self-diagnose the store is a very important part in Amazon. It can detect the problems of the store in time, optimize it, and increase the sales of products. A secure account is the foundation of all operations. Therefore, it is also very important to make a security diagnosis for your store. So how do you diagnose the store?

    1. Account performance

    (1) Policy violations

    1. What is a "policy violation"?

    "Policy Violation" means there may be communications on the Notifications page that you need to read. The Notifications page contains copies of all important emails sent to you by the Seller Performance team. This includes performance or policy violation warnings, as well as account blocking or suspension notifications.

    2. "Policy Violation" includes

    Suspected infringement of intellectual property rights, intellectual property rights complaints, product authenticity complaints, product condition complaints, product safety complaints, violations of the listing policy, violation of the buyer's product review policy, etc.

    (2) Pre-delivery cancellation rate (Cancellation Rate) <2.5%

    Cancellation Rate (CR) is the percentage of all orders cancelled by a seller over a given 7-day period. CR only applies to seller-fulfilled orders.

    This metric includes all orders cancelled by sellers, except for orders that buyers requested to cancel using the order cancellation option in their Amazon account. Pending orders cancelled directly by buyers on Amazon are not included.

    Our policy requires sellers to maintain a CR below 2.5% in order to sell on Amazon. A CR higher than 2.5% may result in account deactivation.

    (3) Late Shipment Rate <4%

    Late Shipment Rate (LSR) is the percentage of all orders confirmed for delivery after the estimated delivery time over a 10- or 30-day period. LSR only applies to seller-fulfilled orders.

    It is important to confirm that the order has shipped before the expected shipping date so that buyers can check the status of their shipped orders online. Delays in order confirmation to ship may result in increased claims, negative feedback and/or buyer contacts and negatively impact the buyer experience.

    Our policy requires sellers to maintain an LSR below 4% in order to sell on Amazon. LSRs higher than 4% may result in account deactivation.

    There are other aspects that are not listed one by one. The seller can check the performance of the store account according to the actual situation~

    2. Summary and analysis of operational data

    1. Analyze data

    Data dimensions: product name, date, number of buyer visits, number of page views, number of ordered items, conversion rate of ordered items

    2. Less visits by buyers

    Check if it is placed in the correct category

    Open advertisements to increase exposure (when the number of impressions exceeds 1,000, the data is relatively meaningful. For general category products, the click-through rate of automatic advertisements exceeds 0.5%. The click-through rate of manual advertisement keywords exceeds 1%.)

    Adjust the listing title, main image, price, etc.

    3. Low conversion rate of order products (product conversion rate is 8%-30%)

    Adjust the listing selling point description, price, pictures, etc.

    Do review maintenance

    Do a good job of A+ page display

    3. Review of the promotion plan

    The main process of promotion

    Familiar with samples, analysis of competitors, FBA stocking, picture plan, keywords, copywriting, listing, FBA replenishment, REVIEW & QA, on-site advertising, keyword ranking records, off-site promotion

    More practical strategies can be found in the Rain Course "2022 Amazon Incubation Solutions", which will combine the common problems of sellers to create a "one-stop professional training course", provide practical operational strategies according to the needs of different sellers, and conduct face-to-face Answer questions and exchange, and improve the comprehensive operation ability of sellers. Rain Lesson "2022 Amazon Incubation Solution" helps sellers grow from 0 to 10, and accompanies 0 basic sellers to make a monthly target of 10,000 yuan in three months. Interested partners can click here to consult.

    TikTok Australia Market Report 2021-2022

    Based on first-hand data from the past year, TikTok For Business has drawn up a more comprehensive analysis of the Australian market's performance and identified video categories that have grown significantly, still popular categories, and categories that officials believe deserve special attention.

    1. Sports outdoor category: the joy of exercising together

    Australians have always shown a strong interest in sports and the outdoors. A mild climate, an interest in fitness and healthy eating, and a love of watching and playing sports all combine to create a strong sports culture. Australians still crave the outdoors and keep fit.

    TikTok is changing the way people watch and consume sports, and it's playing a huge role in connecting the Australian sports community: from driving fan crazes to boosting the atmosphere, the platform provides another dimension to the sports ecosystem. On TikTok, the entire community can maintain a highly consistent experience with athletes. Sports creators, professional and amateur alike, use this platform to showcase their true selves, engage in community trends and reveal tips and tricks to engage fans across Australia.

    Sports are naturally made up of popular subcultures like health and fitness. In 2021, TikTok sets the stage for a thriving community. The past year has seen a surge in user interest and engagement in the fitness community from promoting fitness education to combining personal fitness with entertainment. TikTok creators take users on a personal fitness journey, showing the ups and downs along the way, experiences that resonate and engage with millions.

    Sports and outdoor activities on TikTok have rapidly gained traction over the past year. In Australia, the sports hashtag has taken on a unique place in the TikTok community: 2021 saw a surge in video views across the platform for various topics, contributing most of the overall growth in the sports and outdoor categories.

    Personal fitness has also played a huge role in the overall growth of the sports and outdoor categories on TikTok. Interest in improving personal fitness levels has surged in 2021 as the country weathers a series of coronavirus lockdowns.

    Meanwhile, topics like #fitness, #gym and #motivation are gaining momentum as people try to find ways to exercise during the lockdown.

    Personal fitness is also often intertwined with the dynamics of the sports world. Athletes such as tennis player Heather Watson have given an in-depth look at how they are staying fit while in quarantine, with a video of their experience at the Australian Open. Content creation about how athletes keep themselves healthy has boosted user engagement in the broader sports and outdoor categories, and I believe this can inspire others to keep fit in their own way.

    (The most popular tags and corresponding views of Australian sports outdoor videos)

    case analysis

    • break the usual

    Brands need to find more authentic ways to engage with fans, as events like the Australian Open have shown, where conversation starts on TikTok and can go in any direction.

    • TikTok’s “sports memes” are everywhere, and brands need to keep up

    Through sincere dialogue, let the brand walk at the forefront of platform community culture, always around important sports events, and other large-scale events around health and fitness.

    • Empower users

    Use the TikTok platform as an extension of the main event, provide users with a personalized window, encourage the audience to become a better version of themselves, show interesting behind-the-scenes stories appropriately, and don’t be afraid to interact directly with fans.

    2. Tourism: welcoming the new normal

    TikTok creators are showcasing their favorite spots, giving previously overlooked travel destinations a chance to come into the limelight.

    Unfortunately, due to Australia's anti-epidemic lockdown policy, the border has even had to be temporarily closed, and the travel plans of Australian nationals in 2021 are frequently in vain. People are also looking forward to a possible "travel year" as the country's vaccination rate reaches herd immunity levels.

    Travel restrictions and border closures, coupled with health and safety concerns, have made domestic travel and short-haul international travel the first choice for many Australians. Travel creators on TikTok are showcasing their favorite "off the beaten track" spots, such as certain rural or fringe areas.

    Australians have quickly turned to TikTok for their travel needs.

    In 2021, travel video views will increase by 148% year-on-year, and the number of travel videos published by Australian sites is more than double the previous year.

    Platform trends also reflect the global travel landscape during the pandemic, with people more eager for outdoor activities,

    Natural landscape and road trip essentials.

    The popularity of intrastate and interstate travel has soared over the past year, as Australians anxiously await the holidays when coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

    Becoming a local tour guide is another prominent trend on TikTok. Australians in major cities and regional areas have revealed to the TikTok community the secret attractions around their area, such as natural wonders and undiscovered hidden gems, to help inspire their next holiday destination

    Amazon Banned! AliExpress mandatory! German sellers must complete this compliance as soon as possible!

    Seller's attention, Amazon and AliExpress strictly require sellers to register the German EPR before the end of June 2022!

    In addition, sellers exporting to Germany such as Alibaba and eBay are obliged to comply with their packaging laws and upload their registration numbers to the platform. Sellers who have not registered EPR and have replaced their labels have only 2 months left. It is recommended to prepare immediately. The specific policies are as follows.

    1. Amazon Banned! German EPR must be registered

    Amazon officially notified that sellers must upload and verify the German packaging law before June 30, 2022, otherwise the platform will suspend the sale of all applicable products. If you already have a registration number, upload it to the compliance portal as soon as possible and wait for Amazon to verify it.
    That is to say, the seller needs to register the German packaging law before the end of June this year, and the existing registration number needs to complete the upload verification action.

    2. AliExpress forced German EPR registration

    At the same time, AliExpress also mandated the German EPR. From July 1, 2022, Berlin time, Germany, sellers will sell products to Germany through AliExpress. AliExpress needs to confirm whether the seller's products meet the compliance requirements of the German EPR.

    These are sold to Germany for German EPR, covering 3 categories and related scraps:

    1. Packaging: waste generated from product packaging and logistics packaging, such as product packaging and packaging (such as the box of the toy itself), shipping boxes, cargo clipping labels and tapes, etc.

    Implementation time: From July 1, 2022.

    2. Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE): Waste from electrical and electronic equipment. For example, home appliances, mobile communication, 3C digital, computer office, digital accessories, lighting electricians, etc.

    The implementation time is from January 1, 2023.

    3. Batteries: such as waste batteries, accumulators, dry batteries, button batteries, built-in batteries for electrical appliances, automotive batteries, and industrial batteries.

    For AliExpress sellers, if the product meets the requirements of the packaging law (the product has its own packaging, logistics packaging), the seller must register the German packaging law.

    If the seller sells electrical and electronic equipment products containing batteries, the German EPR's electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) and batteries must be registered.

    3. What is the German Packaging Law? Applicable people and products?

    At present, various platforms have stricter compliance requirements for German packaging laws. The German packaging law is primarily a response to the pressure that packaging puts on local recycling systems. Registration is therefore required before a product can be placed on the German market.

    1. Applicable people?

    As long as packaging materials are put on the German market during production or trade, they must be registered with the German Packaging Act. Main audience: All manufacturers and retailers, including cross-border e-commerce and online retailers. (Applicable to Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Wish, Lanting Jishi, Dunhuang platform)

    2. Should sellers purchase products from German manufacturers or retailers, do they need to register for the German Packaging Law?

    If the product you purchase is already packaged in Germany, then you do not need to declare the packaging, this is done by your German supplier. However, if you carry out secondary packaging, change the packaging or add some filling materials for transportation on the original basis, and sell it to consumers, you must declare this part of the new packaging.

    3. Applicable products?

    All packaging sold to the German market needs to be registered with the German Packaging Law.

    These products include product packaging, shipping packaging such as shipping bags with or without air cushions, carton outer boxes, padding materials, other envelopes, cushioned cardboard or bubble bags, wrapping film, bubble wrap, foam aluminum foil, wrapping tape, courier bags , strapping tape, corrugated cardboard, etc.).

    Regardless of AliExpress or Amazon, if the platform has not registered and uploaded the identification code before the compliance period, the platform has a legal obligation to stop selling the seller's applicable products, that is, the platform will stop selling non-compliant packaging products from July 1, 2022. Sellers must pay attention.

    Recently, the European tax has introduced a burden reduction benefit during the epidemic, and the audience will be limited to 5% off EPR, VAT, and European/English.

    The end of the event: March 31, 2022.

    Sellers who have not yet registered for the German EPR, especially the German Packaging Law, can register as soon as possible during the benefit period.

    Digging deep into the YouTube influencer traffic password

    According to the latest statistics from omnicore, YouTube ranks as the second largest search engine in the world as a video platform, with over 2.3 billion users worldwide and over 30 million paid members. In the first quarter of last year, revenue reached $6 billion.

    How to use YouTube for effective promotion and brand building?

    Part 1: The latest YouTube trends

    1. Short videos: YouTube shorts

    Thanks to the growing popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels, YouTube, the video giant, recently launched YouTube Shorts in an attempt to grab a slice of the short video pie.

    YouTube shorts is a new feature launched by YouTube to benchmark Instagram reel and Tik Tok. Just like Instagram promoted Reels, YouTube Shorts will also be the go-to for YouTube marketing in 2022, so YouTube Shorts will get the most exposure support.

    In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic, the remote work mode (Work from Home) and the increase in screen time have also promoted the further development of video content.

    For brands that are already in the layout of short video software represented by TikTok, the emergence of YouTube Shorts undoubtedly promotes the effect of secondary or even multiple promotions. The same video content can be directly transferred from TikTok to YouTube Shorts. You can also discover potential Internet celebrity bloggers on YouTube Shorts as soon as possible, and leverage YouTube’s market launch to win market opportunities.

    2. Live broadcast: YouTube live broadcast with goods

    During the epidemic, online users participated in various activities through live broadcasts, whether it was topic discussions or product sharing. Relying on the huge number of YouTube users, YouTubelive was also placed high development expectations in 2022, such as product launches, interviews with industry experts, Group discussions and more are likely to be the trend in the coming year.

    3. Online shopping function

    YouTube has now launched a live shopping feature and has tested the waters, and may go live in the next few months. The online shopping feature will allow users to rewind directly to the purchase page through video, and can also create events for upcoming live shopping. Pages, brands should also take corresponding countermeasures. How to layout online stores and how to promote the platform will become hot topics in the future.

    Part2: YouTube user behavior analysis

    · YouTube user statistics:

    56% of YouTube users are male

    44% of YouTube users are women

    81% of US adults use YouTube

    82% of U.S. adult men use YouTube

    80% of U.S. adult women use YouTube

    95% of 18-29 year olds in the US use YouTube

    91% of US 30-49 year olds use YouTube

    49% of Americans over 65 use YouTube

    89% of YouTube users are from outside the US

    51% of YouTube users say they visit the site every day

    37% of millennials aged 18-34 binge YouTube every day

    YouTube service is available in over 100 countries

    75% of adults watch YouTube on home mobile devices mainly at prime time. Users like to watch videos on YouTube, such as comedy and music, and they also refer to YouTube to make purchasing decisions - 68% of users buy Behavior is influenced by YouTube videos.

    During prime time, mobile users over the age of 18 watch more YouTube than cable TV. They pay twice as much attention when they watch YouTube than when they watch TV.

    Therefore, if you make a video, you might as well promote it in prime time. If you use influencer marketing, you can publish videos in prime time, because 72% of YouTube subscribers watch the video within 24 hours of the anchor’s release, and 15% of users watch it within 1 minute.

    YouTube's push mechanism

    1. The original intention of the recommendation algorithm is to continuously increase the viewing time of users on the YouTube website, and recommend videos according to the viewer's preferences - the focus of YouTube is not the content of the uploaded videos, but what videos the viewers watch.

    2. The recommendation algorithm has two steps: generate candidate videos & rank them. The generation of candidate videos will analyze two aspects: on the one hand, analyze the video: the number of views, likes, and comments; Hundreds of factors.

    If the user has not watched a recommended video recently, the model will automatically lower the ranking of the video when the page is next loaded. If the user does not click on a specific video, the algorithm will no longer recommend it to similar users. How to make the algorithm favor Your video: The more views and likes, the more limited the algorithm will show.

    Part 3: YouTube Influencer Channel Search and Screening

    The most traditional and primitive method is to make breakthroughs in terms of supplies, go to the YouTube search box to search directly, you can search for categories, you can also search around, and you can search for specific brands.

    You can also go to Google search, and then directly add a Google advanced search, add different conditions and standards, different languages, time ranges and other conditions to narrow the search scope. You can also search using different tools.

    Screening suitable channel cooperation is mainly considered from several dimensions: interaction rate, content relevance, industry product professionalism, video quality, market positioning, and audience fit.

    All tools can only be a reference, because the tool is a machine to capture data, the quality of the Internet celebrity ultimately needs to click on a specific channel to watch the video to judge.

    You can filter according to the following principles:

    1. The ratio of the average viewing volume of the last 10 videos (excluding the average number of videos with the highest viewing volume and the lowest viewing volume) and the number of channel subscribers is more than 10%, which is good. For example, there are 10,000 popular fans, and the average number of views of each video is more than 1,000, indicating that the quality of the video is not bad.

    2. The frequency of the last 10 videos released. Too frequent or too slow is not good. Generally, it is maintained at about 1 per week, because it takes almost 1 week for a video of a celebrity to cool down slowly. If the update is very frequent, one a day, then this viewing effect will definitely be not too good.

    3. View comments from video fans. Is it closely related to the content of the video? If it’s all empty talk, just complimenting the video, and it’s very short, then it won’t work. If the comment is more professional, relevant and closely related to the content, it means that it is good, and the avatar of the commenter can also be seen whether it is real or not.

    4. Check what type of videos the celebrities have made. For example, some celebrities are life talk shows or specializing in funny videos, so this kind of internet celebrity is not suitable for evaluation.

    5. Check whether this internet celebrity has made other product videos of the same category as the product. You can enter product keywords or category words in the search box in the red man channel. If you can find it, you can take a closer look at how the video is made. If you have experience, you can consider cooperation.

    Part 4: YouTube Influencer Cooperation Form

    ·Cooperation type:

    1. Exclusive quality video dedicated video

    2. Similar collection video integrated video

    3. Sponsored video (advertising in the credits) sponsored video

    4. Giveawayvideo

    5. Best recommended the best series, the top series

    6. Main parts video matching accessories

    7. Compare Videos

    8. Teardown video

    9. Category series recommendation video

    10. YouTube shorts videos

    Note: Not all of the above forms are separate for each cooperation, and sometimes there are multiple forms of cooperation that are carried out together.

    For example, comparison video + giveaway event; sponsored video + giveaway event; best the best + giveaway event; sponsored video + exclusive video; comparison video + the best recommendation, etc.

    All of the above forms of cooperation need to require the other party to put the purchase link under the video. For Europe and the United States, most Internet celebrities prefer to put Amazon links, or links to large independent websites, because they belong to the Amazon affiliate system, they put Amazon affiliate links, and will therefore have a part of the commission income. For Russian-speaking Internet celebrities, it is usually a link to AliExpress.

    Of course, there are also Internet celebrities who can put both Amazon links and independent website links. It mainly depends on the focus of the cooperative merchants, and then negotiate with the influencers.

    Form of cooperation:

    1. Exclusive quality video dedicated video

    A video is dedicated to explaining a certain product, with a duration of more than five minutes, involving product unpacking, introduction of various functions, and scene display.

    If the viewing volume is stable and the audience is accurate, this form of cooperation is the easiest to bring goods. The disadvantage is the high cost of cooperation.

    2. Multiple product collection videos of a certain series of the same brand

    In this form of cooperation, multiple products can appear in one video, and purchase links can also be added to multiple products below the video to achieve more traffic and exposure, and the price is cheaper than a single video. The disadvantage is that there are too many products in a video, and it is often difficult to highlight the key points. Buyers do not know how to choose, and ultimately the conversion rate is not particularly high.

    3. Disassembly video

    This kind of video requires a high level of confidence in the quality of your own products, internal materials, etc., and is generally suitable for technological electronic products.

    The advantage is that this type of video has its own traffic, because people have a peeping mentality, so you can see that the internal structure of the product is generally more eye-catching. The disadvantage is that the requirements for bloggers and products are relatively high.

    4. Comparison of similar products of the two brands + giveaway activity video

    This type of video compares similar products from two brands and tests their functions. The advantage is that this type of audience also likes to watch, and the functions of all aspects of the product can also be more comprehensive and clear.

    The disadvantage is whether the product really has a selling point that matches and surpasses competing products. If you can't find it, it is easy to be compared, and it is not easy to bring goods.

    5. Similar comparison of multiple brands + the best recommended combination

    This kind of video cooperation is more recommended, because it is recommended by thebest itself, indicating that the selected cooperation is very good, increasing the endorsement and credibility.

    6. Short video cooperation with YouTube shorts

    YouTube shorts is to shoot videos within 60 seconds. This feature was developed by YouTube to benchmark TikTok. However, I personally think that for the YouTube platform, this kind of too short video is actually difficult to talk about a whole product, and the YouTube platform is still a professional evaluation long video will have more weight and weight.

    However, there is also an advantage, that is, for some large-scale head bloggers, it may be unbearable to cooperate with each other for a long video, and they really want to seek exposure on the other party's channel. At this time, they can talk about short video cooperation, and the cost may be Much lower.

    Part 5: YouTube Influencer Marketing Anti-Scam Guide

    1. The number of subscriptions is huge, the volume of playback is huge, and I also reply to emails and give quotations, but it is a pity that it is a liar. How to judge then? Looking at the content, the content of the entire channel is not original by the blogger, almost all of it is transferred. When encountering similar channels, be cautious. Or talk to him and pay after the video is online. If he cheats, he will generally not agree. In order to reduce losses, you can also negotiate to pay half of it first, and then pay the other half after the video goes online, so as to minimize the risk in unknown circumstances.

    2. Amateurs pretend to be bloggers to actively seek cooperation. Low-level fraud method: Use an email address that is slightly different from the blogger's real email address to contact major sellers and brands for cooperation.

    3. The third trick is slightly more sophisticated than the second, and it is easy to be deceived. Because the problem of disguised email is easy to be seen by most sellers, so a group of liars were born. They specially look for the blogger account that does not put the email address, that is, it is not easy for you to find the blogger's email address from the blogger's YouTube page. (The blogger didn't post it), and then the liar just applies for a gmail mailbox and sends you a letter saying that he is a blogger XXX of the XXX channel.

    4. The fourth kind of deception is more sophisticated than the third kind. In addition to doing the third kind of things, he also went to other platforms to apply for an account under the name of a YouTube blogger. For example, some YouTube bloggers have not yet created a TikTok account. .

    5. The fifth type of active development of red people, how to prevent being cheated to the greatest extent. If the Internet celebrity who actively develops, sends the first development letter, the other party will simply reply to you with the transportation information. You can further ask for more details, such as: how long does the other party usually go online after receiving the sample, what form the other party plans to make this video in, do you have any ideas on the content, and so on.

    If the unit price of the product is very high, you can discuss with the other party to sign an electronic agreement to agree on the rights and responsibilities of both parties, mainly including the video format and the online time after the other party receives the product. This can effectively prevent cheating, but it is not absolute. It depends on personal integrity, but most bloggers don't want to lose their trust, unless they are really liars, that's not the case.

    And if he is really deceived by the other party, what should he do? In addition to continuing to follow up, he can also leave a message on his social media, so that he is also afraid that other brands will see it or be seen by fans, and may arrange to publish it.

    Part 6: Use YouTube influencer marketing to expand brand influence

    1. Brand official homepage positioning + content output + YouTube shorts layout

    First, you must have your own brand. Layout the official account of the brand, and then position the account.

    Second, there must be an output of content. This is a facade of the brand official on YouTube. It is necessary to accumulate content and output brand values ​​before others can recognize it. If it is difficult to output long videos temporarily, you can lay out YouTube shorts.

    Third, continue to cooperate with KOL and KOC. Initially, it is recommended to cooperate with KOC, not KOL. Because the KOL head network celebrity cooperation is very expensive, in addition to the exposure advantage, its ability to carry goods is actually not as strong as that of KOC in vertical categories. KOC has a certain content production capacity in the vertical field, and it has a group of loyal fans.
    2. KOL/KOC continue to cooperate steadily to expose products and brands, and divert traffic to the official precipitation private domain

    Remember that in addition to attracting traffic to the store, you can also lead to the official precipitation private domain, such as doing some activities, following official social media or joining some groups.

    We must have this thinking: not only brand thinking, traffic thinking, private domain traffic thinking, but also a public domain exposure thinking. Only by taking the two paths of private domain and public domain together can we expand brand influence and convert orders at the same time.

    Shopee pulls out of India, TikTok starts testing search ads

    Shopee withdraws from India

    On March 28, 2022, Singaporean e-commerce company Shopee suddenly announced that "in view of the uncertainties in the global market, we have decided to close our early Shopee India program." In a notice to sellers, Shopee India said that it will start from March 29 Stop business in India starting at 12 am. After that, buyers won't be able to place new orders, while sellers have until May 30 to make payment withdrawals and returns. The company assured that it will continue to process and fulfill previous orders "as usual" and will provide after-sales service and support to all users who make purchases on the platform.

    TikTok starts testing search ads

    It is reported that TikTok has also started the test of search advertising. Through search advertising, advertisers can reach more users through some commonly used advertising words. TikTok has launched this new advertising marketing plan, which means that more TikTok advertisers can now target their target consumers more precisely. Experts believe that this is very beneficial for the development of TikTok's advertising business. TikTok is testing search advertising, and it can also be seen that TikTok is still exploring the road to advertising monetization.

    TikTok is testing a 'viewing history' feature

    TikTok is testing a new "viewing history" feature with some users, allowing them to find videos that appear on the "For You" page and can see their viewing history but not save it. TikTok hopes to solve this problem by adding the functionality of this test. When asked if TikTok plans to expand the test and roll out the feature to more users, TikTok said it has no more information to share about the test at this time, but has been thinking about new ways to bring value and enrich the experience to TikTok's community. .

    Douyin opens imported supermarkets and enters cross-border

    Recently, Douyin e-commerce announced that in order to meet consumers' demand for high-quality products and improve consumers' shopping experience, the platform is now carrying out the global preferred imported supermarket business, inviting cross-border brand merchants to settle in the global preferred imported supermarket. According to the current laws and regulations of the country and the "Service Contract" signed by cross-border merchants and Global Premium Import Supermarket, the "Global Premium Import Supermarket" Investment Promotion Cooperation Specification is specially formulated. The rules will be publicized on March 17, 2022, and will take effect on March 24, 2022.

    U.S. re-exempts tariffs on many Chinese imports

    Recently, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative issued an announcement saying that it will restore the exemption from additional tariffs on some imported goods from China. The waiver involves 352 of the 549 previously pending products. U.S. Customs and Border Protection will issue import guidance and implementation instructions in the future. The big seller replied to investors that, after preliminary estimates, the SKUs of products that the United States announced to be exempt from tariffs accounted for 22.02% of the total SKUs of its company's products sold in the United States.

    Allegro launches in the EU

    A few days ago, Allegro has officially launched the international version of its website in the EU market to help EU sellers develop new business. This also means that buyers in 24 EU countries (except Cyprus and Malta) can search and buy items in English on and pay in Euros using internationally accepted payment methods such as payment cards or PayPal, Allegro. com is available in Polish and English.

    Romanian e-commerce company Gomag to generate 2 million euros in revenue in 2021

    According to foreign media reports, the Romanian e-commerce platform Gomag recently announced its performance in 2021. In 2021, Gomag has successfully helped more than 2,350 businesses to sell online on its platform, which has now reached 2,550. It is understood that in 2021, Gomag will invest more than 250,000 euros in platform development and service provision. By the end of 2021, the Gomag team will have a total of 30 employees. Gomag plans to invest more than 500,000 euros in platform building and international expansion in 2022, and seeks to help sellers quickly build and grow their online business.

    India-UAE trade deal expected to take effect in May

    The Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) signed by India and the United Arab Emirates in February this year is expected to come into force in May this year, Minister of Commerce and Industry Goyal said recently. Goyal said that under this trade agreement, India's exports to the UAE, including more than 6,000 commodities such as textiles, agricultural products, dried fruits, and jewellery products, are expected to completely eliminate tariffs. Exports of labor-intensive products from India to the UAE will be completely eliminated from tariffs.

    eBay officially launches "Gold Certified Docking Warehouse"

    eBay officially launched the "eBay Gold Certified Docking Warehouse". It is understood that every quarter, eBay will re-evaluate the actual logistics performance of the major certified docking warehouses in the past quarter, and continuously update and release the list of "eBay Gold Certified docking warehouses". In the first quarter of 2022, after evaluating and analyzing the performance of logistics indicators, eBay awarded the title of "eBay Gold Certified Docking Warehouse" to 11 certified docking warehouses distributed in 7 overseas warehouse countries.

    By 2025, the scale of China's cross-border e-commerce B2B market will reach 13.9 trillion yuan

    It is reported that international trade and supply chains have been severely impacted, but cross-border B2B is growing against the trend. From the perspective of the Chinese market, China's cross-border e-commerce B2B market will account for about 72.8% of the overall cross-border e-commerce market in 2020, of which cross-border imports account for 28.9%, cross-border exports account for about 71.1%, and cross-border exports B2B e-commerce The market size exceeds 3 trillion yuan. It is estimated that from 2021 to 2025, China's cross-border e-commerce B2B market will grow to a market size of 13.9 trillion yuan at a compound annual growth rate of 25%.

    Ten years of ups and downs, Lazada "explore" Southeast Asia

    Direct delivery of ocean-going commodities, high cost performance, rich categories, and door-to-door delivery... A scene that Southeast Asian buyers could not imagine ten years ago, in the digital evolution of the Lazada platform, it has gradually formed and deeply affected Southeast Asian consumers' preferred cross-border purchases The "chopping hand" gene. Ten years of growth, more wings, pupation into a butterfly. Its transformation has created a new corner of Southeast Asia, and it has also built a new industry ecology with perfect links, safety and convenience, advanced services and abundant brands on the cross-border chain of both buyers and sellers through merchants and technology.

    Lazada ten years! Watch the new flow of buyer demand in Southeast Asia.

    In the past two years, the voice of going overseas to Southeast Asia has become more and more loud. The Southeast Asian market is surrounded by many voices and is sent to the "new altar" of cross-border e-commerce.

    You know, in the eyes of most people, Southeast Asia a decade ago was still a relatively late tourism area, and there seems to be little room for the development of e-commerce. But in fact, this is not the case. This region, which consists of eleven countries including Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, has a younger population structure and a high concentration of core cities and capital economic circles. It is a global potential with great potential. one of the emerging markets.

    With the development of Southeast Asia's economy and the increase of Internet penetration, consumers have a high demand for offline supermarkets and channel traders. At the same time, the rise of globalized social media has caused the consumption demand of many young consumers to spill over, and their consumption attention has begun to shift from local products to cross-border products. However, the overall cross-border service chain was not perfect in the early days, coupled with various factors such as the large number of islands in Southeast Asian countries, scattered geographical locations, and inconvenient transportation, which made cross-border goods have a long delivery cycle, which also affected the overall purchase service experience of consumers. At the same time, for cross-border sellers, the cost of going overseas is high, logistics timeliness problems, language barriers, and limited profit margins. The road to Southeast Asia has become particularly difficult.

    After gaining insight into the strong consumer demand and consumption pain points in the Southeast Asian market, in 2012, Lazada took the lead in the five Southeast Asian countries of Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia as a "pioneer". Headquarters opened in Singapore. Unlike today's poise, facing the complex environment of multi-language, multi-religion, and multi-custom in Southeast Asia, Lazada, a newcomer, has no experience to learn from. As a pioneer, it has encountered unprecedented challenges.

    For e-commerce platforms, the unstable network environment in Southeast Asia, expensive traffic, slow network speed and other issues have restricted the user's consumption experience to a certain extent. The basic network infrastructure of each country is different, and it is impossible to learn from the mature Internet technology. Multilingual and multicultural consumption habits also require that e-commerce platforms need to be fully grounded in order to better understand users and meet their needs.

    Starting from "technology localization", Lazada adopts a multilingual interface display, continuously optimizes the stability of the platform page opening, and matches different optimized searches for different consumers. It also uses coupons and event promotions to attract consumers according to the consumption needs of Southeast Asian consumers. It can be said that Lazada has created a "first" in the promotion of e-commerce in Southeast Asia.

    In recent years, in the big promotions such as 11.11, 12.12, and 99, Lazada has still achieved the goal of zero failure in the big promotion in the face of huge traffic pressure. Demonstrate a profound technical background. As an important growth engine of Alibaba's globalization strategy, Lazada has always been committed to optimizing the experience of sellers around the world and buyers in Southeast Asia by virtue of its strong technical strength with outstanding competitive advantages and the empowerment of Alibaba's international technology middle platform. Invest in technology to better integrate with business to ensure better customer and business value.

    With the maturity of the industry ecology and cross-border services and the catalysis of the epidemic, the online shopping habits of Southeast Asian consumers have also been accelerated. At the same time, Lazada integrates social games and other methods into the platform's shopping environment, providing consumers with more entertainment shopping methods, trying to create an online "shopping paradise" for consumers.

    James Chang, Chief Commercial Officer of Lazada Group, said: "Digital commerce has changed the way people shop over the past decade, especially in the past two years, the pandemic has accelerated the shift in commerce to online retail. Especially for emerging markets, These changes have had a lasting impact. The latest Lazada consumer research report shows that the big sales that Lazada launched in Southeast Asia a few years ago still have a significant impact on consumers. Consumers look forward to the promotions and shopping in each big sale. entertainment features.”

    For a time, Southeast Asia has become a "new blue ocean" that many media are scrambling to report on, and a "strife" in the eyes of cross-border people. Many Chinese brands have also successfully sailed to the sea on the fast ship Lazada, and the goods are connected to Southeast Asia.

    Buy whatever you want! 130 million annual active consumers are keen on "cloud shopping" Lazada

    The annual B-day birthday promotion has not only become an iconic platform event, but also various promotions on 99, 11.11, 12.12 and other regions. These promotions not only meet the diverse consumption needs of Southeast Asian consumers, It also attracts a steady stream of consumers for the platform.

    Sales of clothing and jewelry, daily necessities, digital home appliances, and fast-moving consumer goods have once again reached new highs.

    Many young consumers said: On the Lazada platform, they can not only buy high-quality and cheap products, but also meet their needs for social interaction and entertainment. .

    The timeliness of pay-as-you-go, diversified payment methods, high-quality and low-cost commodities, and immersive shopping experience are constantly attracting a frenzied influx of young consumers. Lazada continuously optimizes the consumer experience by increasing continuous investment in technology, logistics, payment and other fields, and also allows many cross-border sellers to see the unlimited potential of the Southeast Asian market.

    According to the latest statistics, Lazada has achieved close links with about 1 million monthly active merchants and more than 150 million active users in Southeast Asia. More and more young people use "cloud shopping" Lazada to meet the needs of daily life.

    86% of buyers shop online at least once a month, and the formation of new buying habits is accelerated!

    Over the past five years, Southeast Asia's economic growth has averaged 5% per year, and over the past decade, Southeast Asia's economic growth has outpaced the global economy by about 2%. Yet a decade ago, four out of five Southeast Asians had no access to the Internet. Lazada has witnessed the rapid development of the Internet in Southeast Asia and the accelerated development of online consumption behavior in the ten years of its deep cultivation in the Southeast Asian market.

    On March 22, 2022, Lazada announced the results of a regional consumer study conducted in partnership with Milieu Insight. The study shows that today, the majority of shoppers (73%) believe that online shopping has become an integral part of their daily lives, with 67% citing e-commerce promotions as a key factor in consumer buying behavior. In less than two years, nearly 60% of consumers have embraced online shopping and made it a part of their lives.

    The change in behavior of Southeast Asians is the evolution of the shopping journey led by e-commerce in the Internet age, and it is also the epitome of consumer behavior. James Chang, Chief Commercial Officer of Lazada Group, said: “We partnered with Milieu Insight to better understand the key drivers behind e-commerce in Southeast Asia. The findings will not only solidify our trajectory, but also provide invaluable insights for businesses and sellers alike. Market insights and analysis to guide major corporate decisions and help them determine the development and focus of the digital economy."

    Li Xiuping, Associate Academic Director of the National University of Singapore Chinese EMBA Program and Associate Professor of Business School, who participated in the study, said: "The digitalization of shopping has changed consumer behavior at different touch points, such as shortening the process from awareness to purchase, and limited online shopping. Sensory. Therefore, it is important for brands and sellers to fully understand their target customers and new online shopping journeys so that consumers have a strong reason to shop and remain competitive. Lazada consumer research is the first regional The research aims to understand current shopping behaviors and provides a good opportunity to understand how shopping behaviors are changing."

    The Singapore survey results show that digital commerce has become a daily convenience in Singapore's life. 70% of respondents believe that online shopping is an integral part of their daily life, and 96% say they can now buy what they need through digital channels.

    Among other Southeast Asian markets, most have fully embraced cross-border shopping, with 79% of respondents in Singapore having no preference for local or global brands, followed by Thailand (58%) and Malaysia (56%). Raymond Yang, Chief Operating Officer of Lazada Group, said: "As the flagship e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, promoting the development of Southeast Asia has always been the core mission of Lazada. On the occasion of our 10th anniversary, we would like to thank the merchants and consumers who have promoted the ecological development of Lazada. and partners, it is their trust that has made Lazada a successful integration into the daily lives of Southeast Asian consumers.”

    After ten years of transformation, Lazada has carved out a characteristic road from a jungle full of thorns. To a certain extent, it has promoted the development of the Southeast Asian e-commerce market, and led more and more Chinese merchants to enter the blue ocean of Southeast Asia.

    He said: "Looking forward to the next 10 years, we will continue to enhance our local competitiveness, create more job opportunities, and further improve the consumer experience. Merchants and partners bring a better life experience.”

    As the "pioneer" of the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia, Lazada has the largest logistics and payment network in Southeast Asia and has become a part of the daily life of consumers in Southeast Asia. Lazada hopes to provide services to 300 million consumers by 2030.

    At the same time, it will link more Southeast Asian users with cross-border sellers, and grow together with sellers to become an indispensable part of digital life in Southeast Asia.

    Merchants flock to Southeast Asia, is cross-border MCN one step ahead a shortcut to attract traffic?

    Southeast Asia, as the "place" for domestic brands to go overseas, is the preferred target for cross-border merchants to enter the market. In recent years, the market size has become larger and larger. The tariff reductions and trade benefits brought about by the implementation of RECP in 2022 will make a large number of overseas merchants flock to Southeast Asia. Before that, due to the proximity of Southeast Asia to China, the small cultural differences, and the prevalence of social media, many Chinese MCN institutions have come to this place and took root, either with actual combat experience in "dimension reduction" or with the ambition to seize emerging markets. Years.

    What is the current development of the cross-border MCN (Multi-Channel Network, also known as Multi-Channel Network, an online celebrity economic operation mode) that is one step ahead? Is there any localization experience for reference? For overseas merchants, is Southeast Asian influencer KOL marketing worth trying? In the new round of Southeast Asia's gold nuggets boom, can MCN provide a shortcut to attract traffic and empower cross-border merchants?

    1. One step ahead: Cross-border MCN looking for new opportunities

    China's MCN institutions began to go overseas in 2016. That year, an episode of Papi Jiang's patch advertisement sold for a high price of 22 million yuan, and the celebrity economy led MCN to become a hot entrepreneurial track. Since then, China's MCN institutions have started a comprehensive exploration of content creation, Internet celebrity incubation, and commercial realization. Some MCN institutions have also started the synchronous update of short video content on overseas platforms.

    Compared with overseas MCN institutions, which are unique in content creativity, Chinese MCN institutions benefit from the unique Internet market environment and diversified business models, and their key advantages are content e-commerce. In 2019, the transaction scale of Taobao live broadcast exceeded 100 billion, and content platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou also completed the construction of internal e-commerce systems, integrating the whole process of "planting grass", "carrying goods" and "shopping" into the platform, relying on these platforms to grow The established MCN institutions gradually matured.

    At the same time, Google Trends shows that since 2019, the popularity of TikTok in the world has continued to rise, with Indonesia, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries having the highest search popularity. In order to jump out of the red sea of ​​competition, some domestic MCN institutions carrying content e-commerce genes, such as Eat Whale Technology, Orange Mind Going Overseas, and Orangutan PONGO, have also started a new round of going overseas by taking advantage of TikTok.

    "Currently, the development of overseas social media celebrities is becoming more and more refined. In the beginning, there were only Internet celebrities in the beauty and fashion categories. Now, mothers and babies, sports outdoor, and even more subdivided 3-level and 4-level categories are very professional. Red people exist.” Na Xin, CEO of PONGO, an MCN agency that goes overseas to Southeast Asia, told Hugo Cross-border.

    The rise of micro-influencers has led to the development of niche categories, and the profit methods of influencers have become more diverse. In addition to the placement of advertisements for ordinary products, the promotion of service apps, live streaming of goods, and even customized production of products have all become the source of income for cross-border MCN institutions.

    Different from the fully mature MCN influencer marketing system in Europe and the United States, in Southeast Asia, the mechanism for MCN institutions to incubate influencers is still gradually improving. "It turned out that we were looking for more wild Internet celebrities, but now more institutions are cultivating Internet celebrities. Cross-border MCN institutions are more pragmatic, and most of the training goals focus on the ability to bring goods." Na Xin said.

    These MCN agencies also replicate domestic marketing strategies to overseas markets. For example, the preparation of hand cards in the live broadcast, the live broadcast lottery, and the connection of wheat are being used more and more overseas. A Vietnamese Internet celebrity anchor revealed that MCN will set up a growth ladder for the contracted celebrities and often conduct live broadcast training. Many top anchors in the organization started from 0 basics, and now they have accumulated more than 3,000 live broadcast experience. "The anchor here is still an emerging profession, and many young people are very interested in doing it."

    Cross-border MCNs have slightly different attributes and marketing methods of cooperative influencers on different overseas social media.

    Due to its obvious visual orientation and its own trendy style, Instagram has become a social platform for celebrities and top KOLs to gather. The promotion of fashion products such as beauty and clothing is the best. Internet celebrities have higher requirements for material quality and activity participation. TikTok users are younger, and the promotion of games and app products has obvious dividends. Compared with other platforms, Internet celebrities are more active, and mid-waist Internet celebrities also play a variety of ways. On the other hand, YouTube is more inclusive and can promote a wider range of products. However, due to the long-term video, the cost of cooperation with Internet celebrities is relatively high.

    "Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok are the three platforms with the best conversion rate for influencer marketing. TikTok's influencer marketing effect is gradually approaching YouTube, while Instagram still maintains a comparative advantage in some regions such as France and the United Kingdom." NoxInfluencer VP Cui Linhu said.

    Relatively speaking, Facebook is gradually being dominated by advertising posts and is no longer the preferred platform for MCN influencer marketing. Although the influencer group has become a common channel for independent website marketing due to its high degree of aggregation of fans, the quality of the drainage effect of this method is usually more closely related to "product" and "price", which is closely related to the influence of influencers. The correlation is not large, and it is no longer the key layout area of ​​MCN.

    2. Deepening of cooperation: the ratio of Internet celebrity marketing to production

    Since 2021, due to the rising prices and declining accuracy of traditional buying ads on platforms such as Facebook and Google, many merchants have also begun to cooperate with MCN agencies to try online celebrity marketing. "Central Kitchen" is a content cooperation method often used by cross-border MCNs. The domestic content team of MCN determines the core demands of merchants, product selling points, etc., and outputs semi-finished products, and then localization teams in various regions do personalized packaging.

    The form of cooperation between cross-border MCN institutions and merchants is roughly the same as in China, including live broadcasts, short videos, and graphics, but short videos and live broadcasts have attracted more attention due to the popularity of TikTok.

    Video input costs vary by product category and market placement.

    A person in charge of an MCN agency revealed that when a mobile phone brand launches a new mobile phone, it generally requires 300 to 500 celebrities to conduct product unboxing evaluations at the same time to form traffic hotspots. In developed countries, the cost of a single video for mobile phone review bloggers ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. In the less competitive categories such as small appliances and household products, the cost of a single video varies from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars.

    In emerging markets, such as Southeast Asia, the cost of promoting a single video by celebrities is basically not more than 100 US dollars, and some can even cooperate for free, as long as the merchant provides samples. "Influencers in Southeast Asia are generally young, with rich creativity and authentic content, which is suitable for new brands to build. However, the professionalism of the content is not high, and sometimes brand owners are required to assist in controlling the details." The person in charge said.

    The cost of live broadcast input mostly depends on sales conversion. In Southeast Asia, the live broadcasts of MCN and celebrities are divided into two types: mixed broadcasts and special broadcasts.

    A mixed broadcast introduces 30~50 SKUs and settles them in the form of commission sharing. The production ratio is measured by ROI, and the budget is relatively controllable. For example, 3C standard products generally pay a commission of 10-20 points, and non-standard products such as beauty and mother and baby need to pay a commission of 30-40 points. "If it is the live broadcast of the top anchor in the big promotion, MCN will also have some traffic input. At this time, MCN may charge some pit fees, which are now about one or two thousand yuan in Southeast Asia." The person in charge of the above-mentioned MCN agency said.

    As for the special live broadcast, the current live broadcast price of Southeast Asian celebrities ranges from a few hundred dollars to one or two thousand dollars, and the price of a live broadcast of the top celebrities is about 2,000 dollars. According to PONGO CEO Na Xin, the average GMV of a PONGO live broadcast in Southeast Asia is about 10,000 to 30,000 US dollars. The conversion effect depends on the cost performance of the product, as well as the match between the product and the celebrity fan base and target market.

    "Last month, we launched an air fryer in our live broadcast, which is a low-power fryer specially developed for the Southeast Asian market. Because the infrastructure in Southeast Asia is not perfect, it is easy to trip if the power is too large. This product has a lot of live demonstrations. The audience asked about the interaction. This live broadcast shows about 40 SKUs, and the air fryer sells the best, and its GMV accounts for 40% of the entire live broadcast.”

    However, online celebrity live streaming is not suitable for all products. Many merchants have reported to Hugo Cross-border that video visualization cannot show the core selling points of products (such as disinfectant), or large-scale products with high purchase thresholds (such as sofas), and the conversion rate of live streaming is compared with general product advertisements. , did not increase significantly.

    On the whole, when merchants choose influencer marketing, they must first recognize their own needs, whether to do branding or sales conversion. The low sales-to-production ratio is mostly due to the following factors:

    One is the unmatched audience. The target customers of the product do not match the channel audience or the portraits of Internet celebrities. For example, PRG game promotion chooses Facebook platform Internet celebrities;

    The second is the poor quality of marketing content, lack of vivid introduction to the brand or no purchase guidance in the way of presentation, and failure to highlight the core selling point of the product;

    Third, the conversion path is cumbersome and the conversion page is not attractive enough. For example, multiple jumps are required to complete the purchase, and the sales page is inconsistent with the marketing content.

    3. The same destination through different paths: MCN's preliminary exploration of the supply chain

    "There is actually a huge shortage of anchors and good anchors overseas. At the same time, the goods are not so abundant. There is still a lot of homogeneous competition, and everyone sells similar goods. So at this stage, it is to see who can make celebrity marketing deeper. , and at the same time obtain more differentiated sources of goods." Na Xin told Hugo Cross-border.

    The life cycle of KOLs is relatively short, and it is unrealistic to rely on a single celebrity to keep the company running for a long time. In the past three years, the number of celebrity accounts signed by cross-border MCN institutions has increased year by year. At the same time, the cross-border MCN that holds the traffic of red people is also extending branches to the upstream supply chain.

    According to industry insiders, many MCN institutions in Southeast Asia are now in contact with supply chain resources. Some merchants also reported that they had received some MCN institutions to underwrite customized cooperation invitations, and the cooperation content even included logistics, warehousing, after-sales and other links. "The agreement price for exclusive products will be higher, which is equivalent to building a brand together with MCN."

    It is worth noting that the current live broadcasts in Southeast Asia are generally highly sensitive to price, and it is necessary to gather a large number of people at low prices in a short period of time to produce a detonating effect, similar to Juhuasuan or group purchase promotions. Low-price competition can easily fall into a vicious circle, which is not conducive to the long-term development of the brand, so that some businesses regard online celebrity live streaming as the main way to "clear inventory".

    "The extension of cross-border MCN to the supply chain is actually to get rid of the limited and low-cost live broadcast ecology." A merchant said. In the market of product homogeneity, price wars often appear first. Only by forming a brand moat through differentiated products can we get rid of the vicious circle of the price war of celebrity live broadcasts.

    Coincidentally, the traditional e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, Shopee and Lazada, are in the midst of a price war. Coupled with the incentives for brands such as SHEIN and Anker to come out of the circle, many businesses in Southeast Asia are also seeking branding.

    "Emerging markets are very conducive to brand building because the overall cost is lower. In the Southeast Asian market, there is still a large market gap between high-end brands and low-end white labels. This gap is actually an opportunity for new brands. There is also a very large market gap. The obvious trend is that the people with real purchasing power in Southeast Asia are gradually migrating from offline supermarkets to online e-commerce, and the purchasing power of online consumers is increasing, which also shows that the current period of opportunity for brand building." Na Xin believes.

    For a long time in the past, merchants regarded celebrity marketing as the answer to finding an increase in passenger flow, but they did not build a closed loop for passenger flow precipitation, and brand building was difficult. Today, the cross-border MCN institutions that are one step ahead in Southeast Asia have developed a stable path to maintain local traffic—aggregating customers through celebrities to build a growth cycle of "continuously reaching new customers" + "improving the stickiness of old customers" .

    We will wait and see whether merchants seeking traffic in new domains and cross-border MCNs seeking unique sources of goods can create a brand effect in the emerging field of Southeast Asia.

    Tell you all about the Amazon store registration...

    For friends who want to be Amazon sellers, the first problem is to own an Amazon store. Today, let’s talk about it: how to register a company that opens an Amazon store? How to register a store? What should I do if I encounter KYC or the second trial? What are the associated risks and so on.

    1. How to choose the type and business scope of the company that opens the Amazon store?

    1 How to choose the type of company?

    Regarding the type of company, there are actually no special restrictions on Amazon, especially self-registration. North American sites can enter and open stores with mainland personal identity. If you need to go through the investment promotion link, recommend companies ending with "limited company", it is recommended to register: XX Technology Co., Ltd., XX Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., XX Trading Co., Ltd. and other technology trade companies. It should be noted that, according to the current investment policy of Amazon platform, if the company you register is a pure service type that has nothing to do with product sales, such as XX property service company, XX consulting service company, etc., it is difficult at this stage. Registration was successful.

    2 How to fill in the business scope?

    Common areas of experience, such as: e-commerce, Internet sales, domestic trade, import and export trade, export of goods and technologies, etc. Then you can try to add the products you are selling now or all the product categories that may be sold in the future, such as the sales of XX products and XX products.

    In addition, some sellers asked if import and export rights should be added. This is actually two concepts related to the business scope. In addition to the import and export of goods and trade within the business scope, the application for import and export rights also needs to go to the tax bureau, customs, and foreign regulatory bureau. It is only necessary to carry out the relevant import and export rights filing. If you just register an Amazon store, in most cases, you do not go through customs declaration and export through the store opening company. It may be a freight forwarder or other company that is helping to do the export operation. Therefore, it is not necessary for the company that registered the Amazon store to have import and export. If you consider the possibility of using the store company for export tax rebates in the future, if there is a business scope such as import and export trade, you can save the follow-up business scope. changes.

    2. What information is required for Amazon registration and how to register?

    How to prepare materials, how to register and other related issues are explained very clearly in the previous article, and I will not repeat them here. Friends can click to view the previous article "@Sellers, today, I want to talk to you about Amazon's registration. ".

    3. What should I do if I encounter KYC or the second trial?

    What is KYC/Second Instance and why do you encounter it? In the previous article, there is a detailed introduction. Friends can click on the previous article to view the "Key Points of New Store Openings - KYC and Second Trial" when Amazon's batches are banned. Here are two more points:

    1 Trigger time

    At present, most sellers trigger KYC audit immediately after registering for the European station, and will not start selling on Amazon until the store passes the KYC audit. In addition, some sellers do not actively trigger KYC when they register for the European station, but will trigger KYC when the store's sales reach a certain amount, or the accumulated amount of receipts reaches a certain limit. After triggering, the sales rights will be suspended until the store. Complete and pass KYC audit.

    In North America and Japan, the second trial is rarely triggered immediately during the registration process. Generally, the second trial is triggered during the operation process, and some accounts are not triggered during the operation. The triggering of the second trial is a probabilistic event. So far, there is no uniform standard for triggering the second trial. For example, modifying background information and abnormal store operations may trigger the second trial. Although it is a probabilistic event in the second instance, the probability of triggering the second instance has been increasing in the past two years.

    2 Audit data

    After the KYC/second trial is triggered, the registered/bound email address of the Amazon store will receive a trigger audit notification, and you will be required to upload the materials required for the audit within the specified time. The materials to be submitted mainly include: business license, legal person ID card (if Shareholders with more than 25% of the company’s shares must also provide), water/electricity/gas/broadband and other address proof bills (value-added tax within 90 days issued by national public utilities such as State Grid, Power Supply Bureau, Natural Gas, Water Conservancy Bureau, etc. Invoices or payment slips), public statements, etc.

    Note: Usually, the seller who triggers the KYC/second trial has 3 chances to submit the information for review. If it exceeds 3 times and the submitted information has not been submitted, then basically this account has no hope.

    4. How to avoid association risks with new accounts

    The first item in the "Prohibited Behaviors" of Amazon sellers is "The use of multiple seller accounts is prohibited". The same company entity can only have one Amazon seller store on one site without permission, and many sellers want to be on the same site. For multi-store operation, generally choose different company information to register multiple stores.

    Amazon's monitoring system will automatically identify whether there is a relationship between different Amazon sales stores. Once found, Amazon will impose corresponding penalties on the associated account, such as prohibiting the right to sell.

    Amazon has different sites, so account association is also divided into two cases: the same set of data is associated with different sites and different data is associated with the same site.

    1 The same set of data is associated with different sites

    Refers to the use of the same set of company information to register different sites on Amazon, and the association between two (or more than two) accounts of different sites. For example, a set of materials has opened and operated sites in 13 countries. If one of the sites has illegal operations/substandard performance and other reasons, which leads to the suspension of sales rights, other site accounts may be involved.

    It is quite simple to avoid such associated risks. You can register different sites with different materials. For example, company A registers the European site without activating other sites, and then uses company B to register the North American site without activating other sites.

    2 Different data are associated with the same site

    Refers to the association between two (or more) accounts of the same site registered on Amazon with different company information. If different materials are registered in the same country site, but the same network (or IP, payment account, credit card, etc.) is used by the Amazon monitoring system, it may cause the associated account to suspend the right to sell.

    This kind of associated risk avoidance mainly starts from the two aspects of registration and operation of software and hardware facilities, such as using clean (unregistered/login) independent computers, independent network IPs, payment accounts, credit card accounts, etc. to register and operate accounts.

    Above, the things about Amazon store registration are shared here. If you still don’t understand Amazon account registration, or if you want to use personal or overseas company information to register Amazon store by yourself, you are welcome to leave a message / private message communicate with!

    Does the foreign trade website have to be perfect before it can be promoted online?

    Hello, everyone, I am the top 500 brother, long time no see~

    Today, I will discuss with you a question, whether my foreign trade website should be perfect and complete, so that I can promote it online, especially for some foreign trade people who pursue perfection, this is very tempting, but at the same time, this is also a Big trap, so you can't climb out.

    Does the foreign trade website have to be perfect before it can be promoted online?

    First of all, why do I have such a problem? It's like this, in the fan group of the top 500 brothers, I found that there is such a problem: many students are dragged down by this problem and want to make the website perfect, they are very strict with every detail, and there are even new ones every day. Therefore, I have been pushing the planning and design in front of myself, and then start over, and have been repeating this operation. It caused me a lot of pain and was tortured to the death. Other students' websites have already been launched to receive inquiries, but my own website has not been online for a long time, and the progress has been left behind.

    But in fact, perfectionism may be a beautiful trap for the whole process of the independent foreign trade station. Of course, this is not to say that striving for perfection on a website is wrong, it certainly isn't. But we must understand that Rome was not built in a day. He must have planned the framework first, and completed the main buildings. Many of the details were completed in the next few hundred years, or even thousands of years.

    In fact, the same is true of being an independent foreign trade station, and there are priorities. The most important thing at the beginning is to build the website. In the early stage, as long as the website is planned well, there are more than a dozen important pages, such as the about page, product page, after-sales support and other pages, and then it can be promoted. We can supplement and improve the remaining pages in the future.

    Especially in industries with hundreds or thousands of products, you only need to select a few representative products on each category page, make them first, and then add the rest slowly. If you want to wait for thousands of product pages to be completed before promoting it, it will definitely take half a year. If you don’t have a team, you may not be able to complete it after a year. This is why there are students in the training camp. After completing the course, they can complete a station in three days and come to inquire, while some students are still stuck in website planning and website building.

    To sum up, although the website is complicated, it has all the internal organs. We can promote the basic functions first, and then improve the others later. Don't go too far in pursuit of perfectionism. If you pursue this too much, you will definitely fall into an extremely tangled cycle, and finally consume your own mental strength and the gain will outweigh the loss.

    Finally, to end today's discussion with one sentence:

    Things have a beginning and an end

    If you know the sequence, you will be close

    An independent foreign trade station, those who have achieved major events will not be entangled.

    Wayfair operation problem QA serial : The method of sending CG warehouse directly from China

    The most cutting-edge Wayfair operation problems QA serialization.

    Q: Hello, may I ask if we can ship directly from the CG warehouse in China?

    A: Yes, you can directly enter the container into the warehouse.

    Q: Does Main refer to the first main picture on the Listing? Then Silo means all the pictures starting from the second one?

    A: Wayfair cannot specify the main image.

    Q: What about oversold orders?

    A: The submit delay time selects the time when your new goods arrive at the warehouse.

    Q: After the SKU is taken off the shelves, will it be recorded as a duplicate vision when it is put on the shelves in another store?

    A: No.

    Q: I would like to ask, when the product is put on the shelves, how can it be listed as a multi-variant product?

    A: You submit normally, and the platform will merge it into a variant for you based on your content and photos.

    Q: There is only one wayfair return warehouse, right?

    A: Right.

    Q: Do trucks have to be palletized when they enter the CG warehouse? If it is a container, do I need to make a pallet? What problems should I pay attention to when entering the CG warehouse?

    A: The truck can be palletized or not, but the difference between drop and live is selected in the truck type. The CG needs to be affixed with a ucc sticker, and it will be delivered on time according to the time reserved by C3.

    Q: Can you print the place where you can print upc on wayfair's website? What is the size?

    A: No, you can print it yourself, as long as it can be scanned, there is no size requirement.

    Q: The wayfair is the ship day, but C3 is the expected arrival dates, so in C3, do I have to fill in the ship day + overseas warehouse budget arrival time?

    A: No, fill in according to your earliest delivery time, C3 will reply you with a final time.

    Q: When did the wayday event start last year?

    A: The time of the meeting varies every year, usually the second week of April.

    Q: For CG goods (inner box), no barcode is attached to each piece, is it ok? A UCC Label is attached to the outer box.

    A: The ins needs to be UPC. Your inner box is always sorted by the main barcode.

    Q: Wayfair listed products here as image 1 File. If I provide a URL, do I need to upload the image to their system first?

    A: Then you just provide the URL link.

    Q: Hello, we have an account starting from the end of January, and all the product information (specifications, Dimension, installation & Assemble) submissions failed. Why? Submitted and deleted.

    A: You can open a ticket and ask what is the reason for the deletion.

    Q: What does the status of rerouted in the cg order form mean?

    A: Self-delivery is changed to CG delivery, which is rerouted.

    Q: Mine is a small light item. I asked to go into McDonough's warehouse. I applied in C3 and C3 confirmed it, but I sent an email today saying that I am required to go to the product qualification. Port Wentworth this warehouse? Is that what it means? Do I have to change the warehouse?

    A: His email means to send you to the new warehouse address, but he also said to let you confirm whether you can, see where your current goods are, and send them to the original warehouse address and the new warehouse address to see the difference. How much does it cost, if not, I suggest you send it to the address he suggested.

    Q: Yesterday, a product was originally sold out, so I added 2 stocks, but he placed more than 20 orders today? What's going on here?

    A: The amount sold may be higher than your effective inventory, and you can submit an extension until your next batch has inventory.

    Q: To pick up the goods from an overseas warehouse, I chose another overseas warehouse to pick up the goods, but the address is always the default address when I place an order, but this is not what I chose, and I can see it on the platform, but it is wrong to place an order.

    A: This is the small parcel of Small Parcel. The small parcel is your company address, not the warehouse address.

    Q: What does this unavailable mean?

    A: It is not yet available for sale and cannot be used for delivery. There will be sorting and shifting of warehouses. There are many reasons. You can ask for a ticket, but this is normal.

    Q: Teacher, I have a product that was sold for 88 on the platform before, and the price was raised to 115 after a period of time, but it did not move at all. Can I contact customer service in this situation? Is it possible to send an email or open a ticket?

    A: There should be no hope of appealing this price difference. I sent an email to the supplierservicedesk mailbox before.

    Q: How do I participate in the exclusive brand program?

    A: This refers to the brand of wayfair, right, this is an invitation.

    Q: What is this WSC?

    A: Wholesale cost.

    Q: What is this?

    A: This is the recommended price.

    Q: Why is there so much difference in the delivery time between my two orders? The order issued on the 23rd was overtime on the 23rd. When I uploaded the SKU, the delivery time was too short. Where can I change this? If my order times out like this, will my account be affected?

    A: It is recommended to use 48 hours or more during setup. There is an interface under the reportr, that is, you can export all your SKUs, and then upload them after changing the time. However, my system is abnormal today, and this interface is missing, or I can open a ticket.

    Breaking through one million dollars in 5 months, what is the operating secret of Betta Global?

    The export of domestic products to the sea is one of the "main themes" of cross-border e-commerce in recent years. Taking the 3C category as an example, the rise of Chinese smartphone brands represented by Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, etc., while grasping the majority of the domestic market share, they also "step" to the overseas market, especially the European market.

    As the third-largest e-commerce market in the world, the prospects of the European market are evident. According to Statista's forecast data, European e-commerce sales will grow by about 20% annually between 2020 and 2025, and European e-commerce sales will double in the next three years to $1.16 trillion. 【1】

    Among the many mobile phone brands with domestic products going overseas, Xiaomi's influence in Europe is increasing day by day. Relevant data shows that Xiaomi’s mobile phone market share in Spain has reached 35%, ranking first for five consecutive quarters. [2] As one of the largest partners of Xiaomi brand in the world, Betta Global Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Betta Global"), a cross-border e-commerce company of Hong Kong Hong Kong Group, took the opportunity to enter the European market.

    In July 2021, Betta Global reached the 3C market in Spain and Italy with the help of eBay, and entered the field of cross-border e-commerce. In just 5 months, sales exceeded one million US dollars.

    The opportunity for Betta Global to enter Spain through eBay

    "Affected by the global epidemic, consumers' shopping habits have changed, which has accelerated the rise of overseas e-commerce business. We have seen huge business opportunities. Selling good Chinese products to all parts of the world has always been our goal." Lu Ting, general manager of Betta Global, said.

    According to data from the General Administration of Customs, in 2021, China's exports of mechanical and electrical products will be 12.83 trillion yuan, an increase of 20.4%, accounting for 59% of the total export value. Among them, automatic data processing equipment and its components and mobile phones will increase by 12.9% and 9.3% respectively; The total exports of home economy-related products such as computers, tablet computers, and household appliances increased by 13.2%. 【3】

    It can be seen that overseas markets still have a large demand and dependence on Chinese electronic products. Among many overseas export markets, the EU is China's second largest trade exporter. The performance of the European 3C electronics market is consistent with the general direction of the target market that Betta Global expects to deploy.

    If market demand is the premise, then the European e-commerce tax reform provides Betta Global with a fair competition and an opportunity to “get on the bus”. The choice of the Spanish market is a coincidence. "At the beginning, the German VAT never came down. Under the suggestion of the eBay team, we put resources into the Spanish market and achieved unexpected results," she said.

    On the one hand, Lu Ting said, "eBay, as the second largest e-commerce platform in Europe, has a large number of loyal European consumer groups. After the tax reform, EU e-commerce operations are more standardized. From this perspective, everyone is on the same starting line. It is beneficial to the development of the new company.”

    On the other hand, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, Xiaomi's market share in Spain has a pivotal position. After research, Betta Global also found that the share of Xiaomi mobile phones on the eBay platform has a lot of room for improvement. Local consumers' preferences for 3C products have several notable characteristics:

    1. The overall preference is cost-effective, 3C products in Spain are unlimited in both stock and increment, and China's strong supply chain advantage has natural advantages;

    2. Irregular discounts can greatly stimulate the transformation of consumer shopping needs;

    3. Pay attention to service, especially logistics timeliness, and do the last mile to ensure customer satisfaction;

    4. It is easy to be "planted" by social media. The recommendation of social media friends is an important factor for Spanish customers to purchase goods, so the seller's rating score is very important.

    Starting from 0, Betta Global laid the cornerstone for the explosion of orders

    The demand preferences and concerns of Spanish consumers coincide with the empowerment of the eBay platform for sellers. With the support provided to sellers by the eBay platform, Betta Global has a stable and orderly layout in the Spanish market.

    Lu Ting recalled, "Because we are new sellers, we still encountered many difficulties and obstacles in the early stage of entry. For example, the new store has no historical sales data to support, and cannot participate in the registration of some promotional activities, resulting in missing some promotional nodes and opportunities. Of course, we understand that the new store needs to go through some process from 0-1, but eBay's investment team and category team have provided great support after understanding our situation."

    On the one hand, the first three months paid more attention to store operations and account health. The eBay team set periodic goals for Betta Global, as well as irregular health checkups and team training. "For example, when eBay finds that there is a problem with our products on the shelves, the customer experience needs to be improved, and the service is not delivered in time, it will promptly supervise and remind..." In Lu Ting's view, this has laid a solid foundation for Betta Global to maintain stable growth in the future. lack of foundation;

    On the other hand, with the support of the eBay team, the Betta Global team analyzed and sorted out the competitors' data. In a short period of time, the overall grasp of the eBay mobile phone market was carried out, and the team also quickly worked together to improve cohesion during this period. At the same time, combined with Betta Global's existing product resources, the eBay category team also provided corresponding stocking suggestions to help them allocate resources in a targeted manner.

    The previous team run-in and account health establishment laid the cornerstone for Betta Global's sales breakthrough.

    On the way to the continuous improvement of novice sellers, Betta Global joined eBay's brand Qianfan plan. "In the fifth month of entering eBay, our store indicators met the requirements in November, and we were invited to participate in the platform's Black Friday promotion activities, and our exposure and rankings have improved significantly. Taking advantage of this wave of 'icing on the cake' traffic, we continued to expand our store The popularity hit a high point. Sales that month exceeded $500,000, which was beyond everyone’s expectations.”

    Breaking one million dollars in 5 months, the core of Betta Global's operation is "multiple measures"

    According to the merchant, in the five months after entering eBay, Betta Global's total sales exceeded one million US dollars. A short-term increase in sales may only need the boost of an event promotion, but long-term accumulation and breakthroughs require sellers to take multiple measures in order to win by surprise.

    Lu Ting said, "Being able to break through one million US dollars in a short period of time actually has many factors, involving operations, logistics, teams and platforms."

    From the perspective of Betta Global's own strength, it is backed by the parent company's more than 20 years of deep cultivation in the communications industry, and has rich market insight capabilities. At the same time, the members of the team have more than 10 years of experience in the cross-border e-commerce and mobile communication industries, and have a clear understanding of market requirements and sellers' needs.

    From the point of view of operation strategy, in terms of products, we conduct daily and weekly research on competitors' products, conduct refined research, and select one or two products to boost traffic; in terms of language, Betta Global's operations are available in Spanish and German. In terms of traffic drainage, in addition to the resources provided by the platform, Betta Global will also combine some off-site promotion resources to improve the conversion rate; in terms of logistics, it has deployed overseas warehouses in European countries and has the advantage of inventory allocation.

    "More importantly, sticking to the branding track is what we did from the beginning, because the Xiaomi brand has been deeply rooted in the European market, so we also want to use this brand as an entry point to enter the European market." Lu Ting said .

    From the perspective of platform cooperation, Lu Ting believes that the cooperation of the platform is also very important, "Beida Global operates a lot of platforms, relatively speaking, the team members of the eBay platform are more meticulous, more responsible and more dedicated, which is important to us. Very helpful."

    Taking the logistics sector as an example, it is well known that the overall environment of cross-border logistics last year was severe. Affected by the general environment, Betta Global has increased its inventory by 1-2 times in terms of stocking volume; in terms of stocking cycle, it has been extended from 1-2 months to 3-4 months to meet the needs of overseas markets.

    Although Betta Global has deployed overseas warehousing in various European countries, there are still some difficulties in the final delivery, such as the inability to deliver in time. In response to this situation, Lu Ting told Hugo Cross-border, "On the one hand, we found that eBay has signed a cooperation with Orange Union, which can help us improve delivery services and timeliness; on the other hand, we will also independently look for multiple overseas logistics providers to carry out Collaborate to reduce risk from a single channel.”

    Branding overseas is a "protracted battle", and achieving branding requires "three potentials"

    From the operation strategy shared by Lu Ting, we can see that Betta Global has adhered to the "Internet + cross-border trade + branding + omni-channel" operation model since the beginning of its entry into the cross-border field.

    In her view, branding is the core direction for a cross-border enterprise to resist risks. Betta Global conducts strong associations on the basis of products, consumers and channels, associates brand positioning with real products and services, and builds a branded cross-border e-commerce operator.

    The overseas brand layout is a long-term investment process. "In fact, most domestic brands still have a long way to go, and the general direction is still the whole network marketing strategy, but the e-commerce platform is always the priority layout because its time cost is relatively low."

    In order to achieve branding, Lu Ting believes that it is necessary to follow the trend, explore the needs of customers, establish a comprehensive consumer portrait, and deeply cultivate the supply chain to provide corresponding products and services to customers; it is necessary to take advantage of the trend and cooperate with the eBay platform. , and constantly convert platform traffic into brand users and increase user stickiness; it is necessary to build momentum, continuously expand brand communication channels, continuously expand user groups, and continuously feedback product innovation through user needs, in order to achieve branding. This process also requires the cooperation of sellers, manufacturers and platforms to make the brand grow better.

    In 2022, the eBay China team is also strategically investing in the Spanish market to gain greater exposure for brand sellers. At this stage, Spain has a large market and a large stock. In the next few years, the growth rate of the local e-commerce market will continue to lead Europe. Currently on eBay, there are benefits such as commission reduction and homepage exposure.

    For sellers who want to enter the Spanish market, Lu Ting also shared a few suggestions:

    1. Clear strategic positioning, choose a good track, set a good strategy, and make concerted efforts;

    2. Rapid market response, combined with local market consumer portraits, quickly explode products;

    3. Localized service, overseas warehouse is the first step;

    4. Account health is the most important thing. If you want to do good things, you must first sharpen your tools;

    5. Professional team, professional things are handed over to professional people.

    Data Sources:




    Amy talks about cross-border: which products can't be sold on Noon, a popular platform in the Middle East? What is the comment policy?

    Recently, many friends have come to ask me about Noon's related policies and background operations. I will divide into two articles to analyze in detail these things you must know to settle in Noon!

    This directory:

    -about that product

    What can't be sold at Noon?

    Noon Release Product FAQ

    - about comments

    How do Noon's comments work?

    Seller Reviews and Ratings

    Customer Reviews Anti-Manipulation Policy

    -about the price

    -About other FAQs

    Sales model: FBN&FBP

    about that product

    What can't be sold at Noon?

    Noon's goal is to be a marketplace where customers can find all kinds of quality products they need, so Noon allows to sell a very wide variety of products

    Here's a list of Noon's prohibited items:

    If you sell on Noon, you must remember to avoid Noon's banned products listed in the table above. Maternal and baby, fashion, electronic products, clothing, beauty, home decoration and other categories of products are all products that are in great demand in the Middle East market. If you sell these products, you can consider selling them on Noon

    Noon Release Product FAQ

    What does a seller need to do before listing a product?

    The seller needs to confirm whether you have a seller account first.

    If there is, you need to prepare all the text and picture information of the product you are selling, and directly log in to the Noon seller backstage center to upload the product;

    If you have not registered as a seller on the Noon platform, you can scan the QR code at the end of the article to add Sandstar cross-border customer service, and Sandstar can assist sellers to settle in Noon.

    What is the minimum quantity of products to start selling?

    Sellers only need a product listing to start selling on Noon.

    About Comments

    How do Noon comments work?

    Reviews are very important to sellers. Buyers generally look at product reviews to judge whether the product is good or bad before purchasing a product. It can be said that the favorable rate of a product directly determines the transaction volume of the product.

    Customers can submit two types of reviews by noon: purchase reviews and product reviews.

    Buying reviews are related to the buyer-seller experience and are not publicly available. Currently only sellers can see these reviews.

    Product reviews are related to purchased products. These reviews will be posted publicly and can be viewed by both buyers and sellers.

    Noon will post all genuine and credible customer reviews as well as purchase reviews. But sellers and friends can rest assured that the following customer reviews will not be published:

    Seller Reviews and Ratings

    All purchases and product reviews are collated and used to rate sellers and products on Noon. All reviews are viewable (by sellers or buyers, or both), but the most recent reviews have the greatest impact on seller ratings. Sellers should carefully maintain their product reviews. Positive reviews are directly proportional to product traffic and conversion rates.

    How are ratings calculated?

    After customers receive a product from a seller, they will leave a 1 to 5 star rating on the seller profile, depending on how satisfied they are with their order experience. Customers will have priority to see the latest rating results.

    Where can I view seller review ratings?

    1. Noon website

    Seller review ratings will appear below the store name on the right side of the Noon display page. It includes: star rating column; average rating; total number of ratings submitted by your customers

    2. Seller backstage center

    Sellers can access your overall seller review score directly in the Seller Central and download a report with buyer feedback.

    Customer Reviews Anti-Manipulation Policy

    What are the buyer review/seller rating policy violations?

    Sellers can use buyer reviews to see how satisfied buyers are with their products, but cannot participate in writing or influencing reviews about their products in any way. Noon controls customer reviews very strictly, and sellers must avoid the following practices:

    What actions will be taken for sellers who violate the terms and conditions?

    If Noon sellers violate the relevant policies and regulations in the above picture, they will face a series of penalties such as closing comments, removing products, closing stores, fines, and filing lawsuits. Everyone should pay special attention. The specific policies are as follows:

    about the price

    Prices for all products are determined by the seller and all prices can be edited at any time, except for orders that have already been paid by the customer.

    In order to prevent possible over- or under-price issues when sellers set prices, the price of each item posted by sellers on Noon will set minimum and maximum thresholds based on historical sales data:

    Noon sku min/max: This price range is set for all SKUs prior to Noon based on historical sales data for products sold by the seller, helping sellers avoid under/overselling products. If the seller's price setting exceeds this range, the SKU will be deactivated and will no longer be displayed on the website unless the seller has set the partner SKU min/max price range themselves.

    Partner sku min/max: This is an optional price range set by the seller in the back office center. It ensures that the seller's price is bound by its own threshold. If this price range is breached, the price will bounce back to the nearest min or max and the SKU remains online.

    Two ways to increase sales through price:

    1. Increase sales with price/stock intelligence reports

    Better price products and understand product sales trends by generating reports in Intel (Sales Reporting Center) to select price/stock intelligence:

    2. Use Price Engine to increase sales

    Price Engine is a price optimization software that saves sellers time and maximizes sales. This is an optional tool for you in the back office that captures real-time prices (any price increases or decreases) of products sold by other sellers at noon and on the marketplace, and automatically sets your prices to beat the competition for more customers Showcase your quality products.

    Download the file on the Seller Central Center page, activate the Price Engine, and set the desired price range, and you're ready to go.

    About other frequently asked questions

    Sales model: FBN&FBP

    Noon offers two selling models to support sellers' business strategies. Either or both can be used at the same time, as long as you keep separate inventories for each mode.


    With FBN, sellers can send products to Noon, and Noon will store them in fulfillment centers (i.e., Noon's warehouses), pick and pack them, and deliver them to customers on time, providing a great delivery experience. All a seller needs to do is manage pricing and promotions.

    FBN can guarantee that orders in the UAE will be delivered within 24 hours of placing the order. Sellers can also use FBN to sell products in Saudi Arabia, all priced at AED 100 and above.


    The FBP model means that the seller handles the inventory by himself (self-shipping) and will receive the order by email. Products will be shipped from your own warehouse to Noon's warehouse, packed by the Noon logistics team and delivered on time. Sellers need to control product price, quantity and processing time.

    Japanese and Korean e-commerce "Breakthrough Artifact" will be launched, and batch operation of 30+ e-commerce platforms in Japan and South Korea

    At the moment when Amazon's title wave is celebrating its first anniversary, Hugo Cross-border discovered a phenomenon in the process of communicating with sellers. In 2022, almost all large-scale cross-border e-commerce companies have set up new traffic departments and deployed small languages. market.

    Today's cross-border e-commerce has formed a new traffic pattern of Amazon, small language platforms, and independent stations. In the second half, acquiring new traffic will be an important bargaining chip for the cross-border industry.

    In order to help cross-border sellers better, faster and easier to realize the brand of small language countries to go overseas, Hugo Cross-border has made great efforts to create a set of digital collaboration system - YUGUO new channel marketing platform (PC login: seller.yuguo. com) to help sellers achieve large-scale sales in small language markets.

    It is understood that the "YUGUO New Channel Marketing Platform" is currently focusing on the Korean and Japanese markets. In March, it will complete the docking of 30+ Japanese and Korean e-commerce platforms. It not only has product selection tools, but also helps sellers to open stores in batches, manage products in batches, and batch products in batches. Publishing, batch application promotion, FBA-like logistics warehousing system and other functions. There are more features in the follow-up iterations.

    Strategic deployment, the small language market has a lot of money, but it is difficult

    "The small language market is a strategy that must be deployed, not a simple choice."

    Hugo Cross-border found in its research that after 2022, more and more sellers who originally focused on the European and American markets began to accelerate their deployment in Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, which are adjacent to China, have great advantages over the European and American markets in terms of logistics timeliness and logistics costs due to their geographical relationship. Especially in the Japanese and Korean markets, there are already more and more sellers in the layout.

    There are several reasons for this: First, the market size is large enough. Japan and South Korea are the fourth and fifth largest e-commerce markets in the world, and their e-commerce transactions will reach hundreds of billions of dollars in 2021; The risk is much smaller than that of the European and American markets; third, the market is mature, the penetration rate of e-commerce is very high, and the market consumption capacity is relatively strong, which is easy to generate profits for sellers.

    "The traffic dividends brought by Amazon have gradually disappeared, and everyone is turning their attention to emerging traffic channels such as different small language markets. Cross-border e-commerce is shifting from the first half to the second half: from Amazon to new traffic channels." Rain Guo Cross-border VP Jerry said.

    However, we will also find that the layout of the small language market is not simple. When sellers deploy a small language market, unlike Amazon, they only need to overcome the problem of one platform, but may need to overcome the difficulties of 5 or 10 platforms. After all, not every platform has such a huge volume as Amazon. How to balance the investment of Amazon and the small language market is another problem.

    In the communication with many sellers, Hugo Cross-border has also sorted out six major problems that sellers are insurmountable in laying out the small language market:

    Problem 1: Scattered traffic is difficult to operate at scale, so as to achieve economies of scale

    Each small language market has more or less different e-commerce platforms. Due to market size or its own traffic restrictions, the traffic ceiling of a single platform is visible to the naked eye. How to form a scale effect of scattered traffic has become the first problem that is blocked in front of everyone.

    Problem 2: Multiple operating systems in small languages, high operating costs and low efficiency

    Each small language platform has its own independent background system, and the language and operation are different. "We have customers who operate platforms in 3 different languages. Under smooth conditions, it takes an average of one hour a day to successfully publish a product." Jerry said.

    This means that language barriers, high cost & low efficiency will be a constraint when sellers deploy Japanese, Korean, Thai, French and other small language markets at the same time.

    Problem 3: I do not understand the consumption habits of the local market, which leads to the dilemma of difficult product selection and high failure rate of product selection.

    Different markets have different consumption habits, different category needs, and different e-commerce platforms. It is difficult for sellers to obtain the consumption trend data of each different market and the first line of the platform, which can easily lead to the dilemma of difficult product selection and low success rate of product selection.

    Problem 4: Unable to obtain an accurate & efficient marketing model, resulting in the delay in creating explosive products

    Due to the lack of understanding of platform rules and lack of platform resources, many sellers are unable to obtain more efficient traffic.

    for example:

    -What promotions are available on the platform to sign up for and how to sign up?

    -What kind of promotions are suitable for your own products?

    - How to organize the marketing of a promotional event?

    These are marketing-level problems encountered by many sellers on small language platforms. The opaque placement rules of the advertising system of the small language platform and the inability to visualize the data have also caused many sellers to fail to grasp the fixed advertising placement strategy. Therefore, it is easy to cause two phenomena:

    One is not afraid to invest in advertising, and the other is ineffective investment in too many ads.

    Therefore, how to create an explosive product marketing plan for a small language platform is another big mountain in front of the major sellers.

    Problem 5: The logistics cost of the dedicated line is high, the service is unstable, and the link is opaque, causing great after-sales pressure

    At present, the logistics in the small language market is chaotic, the logistics routes are opaque, the cost design is too complicated, the service is not standardized, the timeliness cannot be guaranteed, and the packet loss rate remains high... These problems have brought great after-sales costs to cross-border sellers. Pressure, the user's shopping experience continued to decline, and greatly squeezed profit margins.

    Problem 6: High-quality & accurate supply chain resources are hard to find

    Sellers need to collaborate with multiple different supply chain resources to meet the layout of their multiple different markets. The lack of supply chain resources, rising supply chain costs, and unstable delivery times are another key factor that prevents sellers from being able to show their strength in the small language market.

    Hugo's cross-border "new solution" is released

    There is also a methodology to expand and strengthen the small language market. In order to help cross-border sellers better, faster and easier to realize the brand of small language countries to go overseas, Hugo Cross-border will release "YUGUO New Channel Marketing Platform" on March 24th. The system is currently focused on the South Korean and Japanese markets. Sellers can use the system to operate in batches on these local e-commerce platforms in Japan and South Korea, so that the scattered platforms can be gathered together, which can be called "the explosive artifact of Japanese and Korean e-commerce".

    Gather scattered traffic to help sellers form a scale effect

    "YUGUO New Channel Marketing Platform" will gather almost all e-commerce platforms with a GMV of more than 5 billion US dollars in the Japanese and Korean markets, covering a total GMV of over 200 billion US dollars, and gather these scattered traffic into a digital collaboration system to help Sellers form economies of scale.

    Sellers can submit applications to open all stores through the same set of information, and in the future, they can also flexibly choose a combination of different store opening modes such as "direct sales", "flagship stores" & "direct purchases".

    Unified collaborative back-end operating system greatly improves operational efficiency

    In the current market, due to the closed nature of the small language market and the imperfect infrastructure of the small language platform, there are very few open systems for small languages. "YUGUO New Channel Marketing Platform" cooperates with the back-end operating systems and data centers of multiple small language platforms, and sellers can operate the small language platforms in batches.

    "This system has lowered the operating threshold of the entire small-language market. A number of service function items have been launched, and the 'fool-style' operation model has greatly simplified the seller's operation process and improved operational efficiency." Jerry pointed out.

    Customized selection trend report

    At present, Hugo Cross-border has reached in-depth cooperation with many small language platforms in terms of technology and data. At the same time, as the top partner of Google/Facebook/TikTok in China, Hugo Cross-border will also cooperate with many search engines in small language markets. Tools are gradually cooperating, such as Naver in South Korea and Yahoo in Japan.

    Hugo's cross-border BI center will collaborate with various basic data to create online consumption trend reports in different regions. At the same time, Hugo's local teams in South Korea, Japan and other markets will also provide sellers with product positioning analysis reports.

    On-site & off-site marketing methods help sellers to easily create explosive products

    Hugo Cross-border relies on the BD capabilities of localized teams in South Korea and Japan, and constantly integrates marketing resources from all parties in the Japanese and South Korean markets to help more sellers create a hot product model of on-site marketing + off-site marketing.

    On the one hand, Hugo Cross-border cooperates with small language platforms in in-depth promotion activities, with the help of more event resources and better traffic location, to achieve multiple growth of traffic; on the other hand, relying on "YUGUO new channel marketing platform" , sellers can clearly understand the advertising strategies and rules of each small language platform, and cooperate with the advertising on different platforms to maximize the benefits of advertising.

    In terms of off-site marketing, Hugo Cross-border will combine social media platforms (Google/Facebook/Youtube/TikTok, etc.), as well as Japanese and Korean localized influencer marketing, community marketing or offline marketing to empower more sellers.

    Brand-new logistics services, creating a FBA-like system for small languages

    Hugo Cross-border has launched a new logistics service to empower cross-border sellers with special lines in small language markets.

    "We can think of our logistics system as a cross-border 'rookie' logistics. We will unite the high-quality logistics service providers of each dedicated line, and coordinate in the logistics system to help sellers sell a single package of goods to multiple channel markets. The inventory pressure will be minimized. At the same time, we will also reach official cooperation with various large and small language platforms to build it into an FBA system for small language e-commerce platforms.” Jerry introduced.

    The potential energy of the small language market is growing. For a long time in the past, Hugo Cross-border has helped a large number of Chinese brands to open up the overseas market, especially in the Japanese and Korean markets. Not only has it established localized teams, but also cooperated with many local e-commerce platforms. Build strategic partnerships.

    "YUGUO New Channel Marketing Platform" is driven by Hugo Cross-border's vision of "making more Chinese brands appear in the world" and combined with the market characteristics of South Korea and Japan, it has built a complete set of digital collaboration systems to help sellers in the Japanese and Korean markets. Scale sales. At the same time, in the future, it will continue to expand other small language markets.

    "At present, in the Japanese and Korean markets, Hugo Cross-border has perfected all the necessary chains in the process of brand localization, and our 'new channel marketing platform' will also start from Japan and South Korea, and 15 e-commerce platforms have been completed so far. The API docking of 30+ platforms will be completed this month. The market journey of small languages ​​will also gradually expand to regional markets such as Europe and Southeast Asia in the future.” Jerry said.

    The second half of the cross-border e-commerce competition has begun, quickly seize new traffic channels!

    Complaining about no order is useless, because you don't have a mature "product selection thinking"!

    1. Under what circumstances would you be willing to do a new category? Or would like to learn about a new category?

    (1) External competitors have similar products that are ahead of their competitors

    In many cases, the iteration of products and the selection of new categories are due to the major reshuffle of the market brought about by the entry of competitors.

    (2) Insufficient market development power for its own products

    The popularity of products is sometimes time-sensitive. For example, products such as ice and snow economy and Disney products are actually time-sensitive. Therefore, when the product popularity declines, that is, when the market development force is lacking, it is necessary to select new categories.

    (3) The new category has a certain market and some people have already set foot in it

    Blue ocean products need to be discovered, but not every seller can seize the blue ocean opportunity. When someone is involved in a certain type of new product and brings initial revenue, they should pay attention to this product, and do a good job of research. If the profit margin brought by the market price is still above 30%, you can try to make this new product.

    2. What information do you want to know before creating a new category? Or a new category of information, what points do you want to know?

    (1) First principle: Clarity of market and demand.

    (2) The second principle: the matching degree of channels and capabilities.

    (3) The third principle: control over procurement and supply.

    What is market and demand clarity? Simply put, it is a sentence: start from the market, not from the product.

    The so-called "starting from the product", for example, I have first determined that I want to do a certain product, and then I will try my best to refine the selling point of my product and find the corresponding target customers;

    And "starting from the market" means that no matter what product I want to make, I first define my target customer group and study their needs and pain points; finally, we look at what kind of products we are looking for or choose to solve their problems. needs and pain points.

    These are two diametrically opposed logics, and only the latter is scientific and correct, because the product is the carrier of the solution. If there is no demand, what solution is there?

    Yes, everyone, a "product" in the true sense should be any tangible item and intangible service that can meet market demand, and it should be the carrier of a solution to a certain problem, satisfy a certain demand, and create a certain value.

    3. If it is a category that you are already working on, what else do you want to know about?

    In the final analysis, in the field of product selection, what is the real differentiation?

    In fact, it is not that others are yellow, we are red, others are square, we are round, others are the first generation technology and we are the second generation technology. The difference at the product level is not really meaningful. The real difference is that our products meet the needs of others in the market that have not been met, or even if they can be met, they are not good enough.

    Not looking for the market in the blank, but looking for the blank in the market, this is our first principle of product selection: the clarity of the market and demand. But once the market, customers and needs are identified, is that enough? The answer is no, we also need to consider the second principle of product selection: the matching degree of channels and capabilities.

    I don’t know if you still remember when the global epidemic just broke out in early 2020. At that time, in almost every group, we could see the demand for epidemic prevention supplies from time to time. Rigid demand, high frequency, low price... At that time, there was absolutely no product with more market and demand clarity than epidemic prevention supplies, so a bunch of people rushed in.

    Our old customers are no exception, sending us inquiries for hundreds of thousands of masks and thousands of ventilators every now and then. But we didn't answer all these inquiries. The reason is very simple. We have never been engaged in such epidemic prevention supplies before, and the channels and capabilities simply do not match. You may think it is very strange that the market is so clear and the demand is so strong, and it is enough to consider what channels and capabilities do not match.

    Shopee's essential skills for explosive orders--main image optimization

    😀 Hello everyone, I'm Clint, an observer who accompanies you to explore the cross-border road. Today we will talk about how to optimize the main image of shopee.

    1 Official requirements of shopee about the main picture

    When uploading pictures, we need to meet the following requirements to ensure that the pictures are uploaded successfully:

    ①Main image size: 800*800 pixels or above, within 2MB in size, and the ratio is preferably 1:1

    ②Picture format: JPEG/JPG/PNG

    Two main image types

    When we make the main picture of shopee, we must always keep in mind the role of the main picture and consider it from the perspective of consumers, and do not make pictures that are only good-looking.

    Here are four more commonly used main image templates:

    ①Multi-SKU map, as the name implies, displays all the different SKUs of a link. This main map is generally suitable for a product with different colors and styles, and is suitable for multiple products that can be purchased at one time.

    ②White background image, this main image is to fully display the selling points of some products with a pure white background, usually with some text, such as discount information, selling points and the like.

    ③ Actual use scene diagram, this kind of diagram is simple and clear at a glance, suitable for products with relatively fixed and clear use scenes.

    ④PS effect map, this kind of map is used to enlarge a certain selling point of the product. If your product has obvious differentiation and a certain function is very prominent, you can use this template.

    Three main image optimization suggestions

    ①When optimizing the main image, we should sort out the selling points of the product, especially the core selling points of the product.

    ② For drawing, you can refer to the four forms introduced above, which have been tested by the market.

    ③ Avoid the situation that the main picture is too complicated, so that customers do not understand what you are selling

    ④The main picture and the accompanying picture should be used in combination, and the appropriate display logic sequence should be set.

    In fact, regarding the optimization of the main image, we can also measure the image through advertisements, but because of the limited time and space today, we will not introduce it first. If a friend is interested in "Advertising Mapping", you can tell me in the comment area, and I will open a separate article next time to write related content.

    That's it for today's content about the optimization of some main images. Let's act quickly and check to see if there is something that can be optimized in your main image, so as to achieve explosive orders!

    I'm Clint. If you find the article useful, remember to follow me. I will share more cross-border information in the future. If you have any comments or questions, you can tell me in the message area, and I will reply as soon as possible.

    See you next time.

    A must see selection! The secret to quickly judging whether an Amazon product is a good seller

    Hello everyone, my name is Jiang Xiaoyu. Many old irons want to quickly judge whether a product is easy to sell. No, this theme is arranged today!


    non-seasonal products

    Non-seasonal products can be sold throughout the year, and the sales cycle is relatively long. On the contrary, those seasonal products may only be sold for a month or two, or even only on holiday days.

    If you don't have strong operational resources, don't choose products with strong festival attributes. For example, Valentine's Day flowers, pumpkin knives, clover peripheral products, snow lights, Christmas trees and other products with strong festive attributes require strong operating resources as support. It is difficult for ordinary sellers to control.

    The BSR curve below shows cyclical changes, obviously the peak season is from May to September, and the other months are the low season.

    A must see selection! The secret to quickly judging whether Amazon's products are selling well Image source: Amazon


    Large market capacity

    Products with large market capacity have an advantage over products with too small market capacity. If there are only 20 orders at the 10th place in a small category, such a small market will not have much sales if it is pushed to the top. Therefore, at least the selection should be at least 30 small categories with at least 30+ daily sales!

    Like the coffee grinder link in the picture below, it ranks close to 2W in the Home &kitchen category and 5th in the subcategory, with about 30 orders a day. Obviously the market is too small. We want to avoid products like this.

    A must see selection! The secret to quickly judging whether Amazon's products are selling well Image source: Amazon


    New product list performed well

    If the sales of the top few new products are good, it means that the market is better to enter. We can benchmark the first place in the new product. In the same way, if the new product ranks first in the list and its performance is very poor, it means that this market is not friendly to new products, and it is not so easy to sell!

    A must see selection! The secret to quickly judging whether Amazon's products are selling well Image source: Amazon


    Market view from outside the station

    Pay more attention to the Facebook group, the products that are being promoted on the Deal station, and see if they can send them out. If no one receives more than 50% discount through social media promotions, facebook groups, and the Deal station, such products are too marketable. Difference.

    How to see how the situation outside a product station is? I recommend you a free website outside Zhihui Station:

    Enter the core words of the intended product or the specific ASIN, and you can find the time, original price, discounted price, discount strength, and off-site ranking changes.

    A must see selection! The secret to quickly judging whether Amazon's products are selling well Image source: Amazon


    High traffic words are highly relevant

    Some product core words are also big traffic words, so the core traffic words with strong correlation are much easier to push than products with various products and weak correlation.

    A must see selection! The secret to quickly judging whether Amazon's products are selling well Image source: Amazon


    Product with high profit margin

    Select products must choose products with high profit margins, at least 30% or more, if it can reach 40% or more, the best.

    Because products with high profit margins have a certain price reduction range to operate, which is more beneficial for us to launch new products. Products with high profit margins are generally profitable to deal with, which is a virtuous circle.


    CPC bidding

    The PPC bidding of core big words, especially the lower the bidding to the top of the search results, the better the product.

    If you need to bid 1-2 dollars to hit the first line, it is acceptable, but when you encounter some products, the core big word CPC bid is 5-6 dollars per click. This product is hard to make.

    A must see selection! The secret to quickly judging whether an Amazon product is a good seller

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